We met 6 years ago, and our courtship was brief. We got married months after our first flirtatious “Hello.” I was a kid back then, leveraging divorce in every other fight. Thinking it was the ultimate power play. And sure,… Read More ›

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  • 5 Reasons She Won’t Go Down On You

    If you have a penis – then you want a blow job. It’s as simple as that. And yet how can a desire so basic be so hard to come by? You’ve had those conversations with friends where there’s always… Read More ›

  • The Case of the 29s

    29 is most certainly age limbo. When you’re 29, you’re too young to bestow wisdom upon others and yet you’re too old to get trashed and streak naked. 29 is not 30 – where both of your feet are firmly… Read More ›

  • Work Out

    “1,2,3 -NIKE!” I stared in judgemental disbelief with a very visible grimace. There – in front me, was the floor staff at Nike – shouting their morning mantra in unison. The manager, or who I assumed was the manager, was… Read More ›

  • Diva

    Sometimes a girl just wants to be a mother fucking diva.  A right, I can wholeheartedly admit, I do not deserve. But…. As ashamed as I am, there are days when admittedly I wish I was a corporate superboss.   … Read More ›

  • A Day Like This

    There will be days that start with the gleeful cheer of your spouse shouting he told you so. Where he will run victoriously and obnoxiously throughout the house in nothing but his boxers screaming to the world of his triumph…. Read More ›

  • Under Construction

    “Honey.”   I know it can’t be good. Four years of marriage doesn’t grant you free affection. The age of whispering sweet nothings to your spouse firmly expires at year two.   Four years however does grant you knowledge –… Read More ›