Month: June 2013

Under Construction

“Honey.”   I know it can’t be good. Four years of marriage doesn’t grant you free affection. The age of whispering sweet nothings to your spouse firmly expires at year two.   Four years however does grant you knowledge –… Read More ›

Daddy Issues

Many believe the initiation to fatherhood is the first time a baby projectile poops on them. I disagree. The true initiation to fatherhood is the first time a daddy reaches down to pick up his little one only to place… Read More ›

The Good Racist

I was raised in a community of positive racists. A place where Asians are mathematical super geniuses and African men are well endowed. I don’t believe all racism is derived from hate, I simply don’t. I’m sorry, but I refuse… Read More ›

The $25 Hand-job

If crowded rooms freak you out, then the whole party scene can be extremely daunting. The past few years have been a compilation of successful social isolation, so when one of my friends told me that last night’s party was… Read More ›