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  • Role Playing Gone Wrong

    What is $5 to you? Is it just a membership fee? Or is it the inevitable onslaught of a fascist regime? Or is just a dirty blow job at the back of some dank alley way in the inner city?… Read More ›

  • Daddy Issues

    Many believe the initiation to fatherhood is the first time a baby projectile poops on them. I disagree. The true initiation to fatherhood is the first time a daddy reaches down to pick up his little one only to place… Read More ›

  • The Good Racist

    I was raised in a community of positive racists. A place where Asians are mathematical super geniuses and African men are well endowed. I don’t believe all racism is derived from hate, I simply don’t. I’m sorry, but I refuse… Read More ›

  • The $25 Hand-job

    If crowded rooms freak you out, then the whole party scene can be extremely daunting. The past few years have been a compilation of successful social isolation, so when one of my friends told me that last night’s party was… Read More ›

  • Oral Torture

    Mouths are our ultimate pleasure orifice – reigning the title of being able to do anything and everything that other places can’t. Eyes don’t kiss and ears don’t eat and mouths can….well let’s just keep this PG. It was when… Read More ›

  • How Not To Write a Book

    Of course – as a writer – there is no dream sexier than flaunting the title of your latest best selling novel. Nothing. It has always been my dream/erotic fantasy to be invited on Jon Stewart to discuss the the… Read More ›

  • The Will

    “Write.” It was more of a command than a suggestion – but I suppose several years of marriage warrants that he “commands” me to do things for my own good. I mean, I do it all the time to him…. Read More ›