Month: November 2012

Day 5

There are some crazy mother fuckers out there.  This post was supposed to be about the effect a text message from the person you care about the most about can alter your brain chemistry, but I think I need to… Read More ›

Day 4

All my friends know exactly how and when to talk to me. They know to avoid my over excited hyper state in the morning, to ask for advice after my yoga and that I issue out my platinum two cents… Read More ›

Day 3

I hate the Gangnam Style song. Yes, this makes me a hater. And of the filthiest kind, because I can not deny that when that quirky Korean beat comes on the radio I bust out the moves. Sadly this song… Read More ›

Day 2

We, as humans, are masters of imitation. It’s truly a beautiful thing to observe. Watch the way children imitate the behaviour of their elders. Or better yet, gaze at how people adapt and adjust to find a socially acceptable norm…. Read More ›

Day 1

Love. It is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful forces on Earth. Think about it. Actually don’t. Fuck this. I’m not going to act like I know everything there is to know about love. All I… Read More ›