Work Out

“1,2,3 -NIKE!” I stared in judgemental disbelief with a very visible grimace. There – in front me, was the floor staff at Nike – shouting their morning mantra in unison. The manager, or who I assumed was the manager, was… Read More ›


Sometimes a girl just wants to be a mother fucking diva.  A right, I can wholeheartedly admit, I do not deserve. But…. As ashamed as I am, there are days when admittedly I wish I was a corporate superboss.   … Read More ›

The Good Racist

I was raised in a community of positive racists. A place where Asians are mathematical super geniuses and African men are well endowed. I don’t believe all racism is derived from hate, I simply don’t. I’m sorry, but I refuse… Read More ›

The Will

“Write.” It was more of a command than a suggestion – but I suppose several years of marriage warrants that he “commands” me to do things for my own good. I mean, I do it all the time to him…. Read More ›