The Will


It was more of a command than a suggestion – but I suppose several years of marriage warrants that he “commands” me to do things for my own good.

I mean, I do it all the time to him.

“Go walk the dogs,” I say or “Give me that bag of chips now.”

Or my favourite.

“We’re going shopping.”

Trust me – these orders are all for his own good, because truth be told I’m a bitch when I’m hungry, and every girls needs more shoes for their fundamental platform of happiness.

Don’t believe me?

Look it up.



I lied.

And when it did become ok for men to nag? I thought that was strictly a woman thing – I guess times are a changing.

“Go write now,” he commands more sternly – pointing his condescending index finger towards my office. He tries to glare at me while I stare wide eyed feigning fright -all the while stuffing chips in my mouth with no remorse. I silently contemplate if I would rather make chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies after. Each have their benefits chocolate chips give you that sweet rush but a peanut butter cookie is a solid one. Rich in flavour.

“Come on Shareen, it’s been how long now?”

I cringe. The mere thought of thinking what my stats could be during my hiatus is nauseating.

I stuff more chips in my mouth. I know there’s artificial cheese cancer powder all over my face. My hair’s a mess and I’m wearing my break-up outfit – baggy sweats and his Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt.

I can’t blame him, remember that guy that used to eat faces and took bath salts?


He looks hotter than me right now.

“Are you depressed?” He looks genuinely concerned as he reaches to take the bag of chips out of my death grasp.

“No.” I burst out laughing.

Or am I?

Depressed? Me?



It’s simple really.

Anyone who has ever created something – whether it’s art, music, writing – anything at all, knows that sometimes you just have to take space.

The truth is, sometimes there are no words.

And that’s fine.

Sometimes we get caught up in the need to constantly produce, to impress and to wow – it takes its toll, and sometimes that cost is the very passion you once had for the thing you loved so much.

Don’t feel bad if you missed a post or several – like me.

Just eat a bag of chips.

And before you know it, your love will come back to you again.

The passion will return.

And you will find words.

Sweet Dreams World.

p.s. And if not? Totally go for the peanut butter cookies. Totally.

p.p.s Embrace the support of those around you – yes albeit at times they don’t necessarily see things through the eyes of our aspiring pained artist demeanour – but love like that is simply precious.


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67 replies

  1. good one about not being able to write… while writing beautifully

  2. I am becoming more confident in the truth that passion should always lead in this context. If ever it becomes more about stats, likes, comments or the like, your work is probably dying a slow death anyway. I love your expression. Stay free.

    Stay true x

  3. Your blog has been nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by the HewToons Editorial Board!

    Visit β€Žfor more information. (Please do not make inquiries of Mr. Walker. He is quite bitter that Keith Hodgesons named on the award given to HewToons.)

  4. I agree, creative types need room to not create. But there is also a moment (perhaps what he’s seeing) where we become afraid of trying to create again. In my case, I’m usually afraid that it won’t come to me again, that I won’t be able to make something like I once did. Sometimes we need someone to tear that bag of chips from our hands and scold us into our room. Be thankful you have someone so understanding, and who does not feel threatened by your need to be alone for long periods of time.

  5. Been there recently. It wasn’t fun. The more I tried to write, the worse it got. So enjoy those cookies and let the words flow when it’s time.

  6. You write gorgeous. I need to learn from you!!

  7. I totally relate. Only other writers know you can’t write on demand.

  8. i agree about the hiatus… but when blocked, i turn to something else creative, even if it is just craft, or writing out lists of images or such. And personally, i would make the chokkie chips WITH pb… and maybe some white chocolate, just so no one else wants them.

  9. I love this. so. much. SO totally where I am lately. Thank you for sharing, and for stopping by my blog, too! Love your humor, and your writing. Looking forward to reading more … whenever you have the space, the idea, and … well… all that.

  10. I’m thinking I might show this to my Language Arts teacher, though personally I might have to re-recommend your choice of cookies. I’m not much of a peanut butter fan myself, though I do like it mixed with honey on toast once in a supremely unhealthy blue moon!

  11. Didn’t read; liked for the pic! … which perfectly fits the text, of course! πŸ˜‰

  12. Loved it, great piece of work;)

  13. Reblogged this on Do You Love These Words? and commented:
    A little word of encouragement for those of us who sometimes get discouraged about writing. πŸ™‚

  14. Hey there! I nominated you for the “I Am Part Of The WordPress Family” award. Please get the badge at and get more info. Keep us delighted with your posts. πŸ™‚

  15. Shareen, if I had as many hits on my stats counter as you do, I would have written that Transition Post.

    The post would say, “Screw you freeloaders, this blog has gone paid now. If you want to read my next funny and charming posts, see below for instructions to pay by your credit card or Paypal account. Cheepskates can leave now. The others are most welcome. Sweet Dreams World.”

  16. Write!! πŸ˜‰

    or, should that be…


    PS – did you have an orange face or was the fake cheese yellow? I have to know! πŸ˜€

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