Day -6 : Versatile Blog Award


A few days ago, I received news that short story I sent in for publishing was rejected and it truthfully and utterly sucked- so much so that no amount of shoe shopping could make it better.

I wrote a blog about it – which did help.

But then you came along and nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award (David Fernandez and Papizilla ) and you made everything better.

Please check out both of their absolutely inspiring and phenomenal blogs –

A part of this gracious exercise is not only to gloat about the awesome award, but to also share 7 things about yourself that no one knows. So yeah…don’t laugh.

1.) I love the smell of newly opened post its. I’m actually a stationary junkie – I have literally hundreds of pens. If I want to write and I can’t find the “right” pen-I freak out. I then commence my obsessive scavenger hunt to find the right one even if it means going to every stationary store in town.

2.) I love going to aquariums. I don’t know what it is about them, but being surrounded by beautiful sea creatures is the most relaxing experience for me.  Take me to Sea World and I’ll be your best friend.

3.) I love to walk – for hours and hours. It’s the one thing that will always clear my head. My best ideas come after hours of walking and listening to music mainly Ed Sheeran or Eminem. I don’t get it either.

4.) I fall in love with everything really fast and really hard. On the flip side I also fall out love equally as fast.

5.) When I was a freshman in college, I lived with my Grandma. She was always very against me talking on the phone with boys. I remember, she would sit me down next to her on her navy blue couch in front of the TV. We would watch Egyptian soap operas for hours while munching on cheese and breadsticks, then afterwards she would look at me and say “Do you want to be a hooker? A prostitute? Then don’t talk to boys.” It would always crack me up. I would always give her a big hug afterwards…then go to my room and talk to boys on the phone.

6.) When I was 11 I wanted so badly to be a belly dancer. I told my mom this in the car and she freaked out. She started saying things like, “what have I done God for this to happen to me, why Shareen, you’re so smart, you have potential, I’ll buy you whatever you want etc. etc. etc.” I never understood why, when I was young I used to watch them dance and think how free they looked, and how beautiful their dancing was. That was the start of me taking dance lessons. Needless to say, I grew out of the phase.

7.) When I was young, there was nothing I loved more than going to weddings in Egypt. They are quite the affair with pounding drums, flower girls and dancers. I would watch the bride and groom in star eyed mesmerization. From my perspective there was always love and happiness. It was always a perfect evening. For one night, everyone would be happy, and it was wonderful to encapsulate that experience. I think what also did it for me was the air of prospective love, people eyeing each other up seeing if they could find their soul mate in the crowd. I would always call someone at a wedding. Always.

Again, thank you both for nominating me for this award, it made my day… twice.

Here are 15 Blogs I think should also share in this award:

1.) Ladyornot

2.) fifty5cents

3.) Cheeseburgersandwine

4.) Travelingmarla

5.) Canadianmommyblog

6.) Truthbunny

7.) Getwiredin

8.) Breakroomstories

9.) Jasonarust

10.) Catsgrace

11.) Susserativeaspirations

12.) Readinginbed

13.) Hastywords

14.) Nextlevelnancy

15.) Tooksberry

Again, check these guys out -their work is incredible!

Sweet Dreams World

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8 replies

  1. My word, what a pleasant surprise I found at the end of your post. I literally cried out loud for my husband and read it aloud to him. Thanks for the Sunday Morning Godsmack!

  2. Thank you so much. You have given me an amazing start for my Sunday!

  3. Congratulations! And it’s nice to know the people behind the blogs and on the other side of the screen. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congrats on the award…and the rejection!

    I recently had my first poem submission rejected, and a speaker proposal to Blog Paws rejected, too! (My cats blog =,

    On the otehr hand, I’ve had my first guest blogging experiences, recently as well! (MY blog =

    Thanks for liking one of my posts on my new wordpress blog!

  5. This is where it starts to heat up…


  1. the Versatile Truth(bunny) « TruthBunny

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