Day -3 : The Brand

I’ve been given the fun task of “branding” myself. And no – not in the cattle prodding way. Although I’m sure at this point, that would be a less painful alternative.

I decided to get my creative juices going I would hit up my shrine of inspiration – youtube.

And what better way to start the day than with the apocalyptic “you’re going to hell” ads in the morning. On the bright side, they did offer me a chance at redemption – which included watching a 7 part series depicting the horrors of the end of times. The mere thought of sitting there and watching all seven parts seemed quite comparable to spending an eternity in let’s say the 7th circle of hell.

The power of branding.

If they could make this infernal coated project look appealing, then surely there must be a way for me to do the same.

What’s a clever way to reveal my true product – a 28 year old mess with a concerning public singing problem?

I’m the yoga enthusiast that hates to meditate, the piano player who hates playing other peoples’ songs, the tech freak who loves holding real books and the a caffeine junkie who won’t touch energy drinks.

What – they KILL people.

If only I had an Ad guru to guide me through and make all the above look alluring…

I suppose they would probably say something like:

Meet Shareen, a 20 something creative piano enthusiast with a dedicated and profound spiritual connection to Yoga. Not only does she enjoy indulging in vintage reading but she’s also a world class coffee aficionado.


Something’s missing…like my soul.

OK so let’s start at square one. What are things that represent my personality:

Let’s start with what I stare at everyday – my desk.


Hmmm ok what else – oh right I love unicorns and that’s crucial to my image –


Oh and I love love love playing games –


Looking back at all these photos – my life resembles that of a sexually confused 13 year old boy.

I need something that gives me oomph. Maybe I should stick to the fail safe themes like religious guilt or sex.

I’m going to go play some World of Warcraft, maybe my level 37 Druid can cast inspire brand or something. If not – Blizzard is getting a very angry email.

Sweet Dreams World


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5 replies

  1. Hello and good evening, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the link.

  2. Thank you so much!! Made my day.

  3. rofl over the sexually confused 13 year old line….unicorns and Axis & allies!!

  4. Shareen, you are so much fun to read. You voice is very strong, even if your brand can’t be packaged in a pithy statement. We are complex women, it takes a lot to describe us ;o)
    But I really enjoy reading everything you write, and that is not always the case. Cheers.

  5. Energy drinks = satan’s partially-used gastric juices. Had one, once, back when they were new. Almost barfed in my car. Coffee that will curl your eyebrow hairs is very acceptable, however.

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