Day -1 : The Rut

I think you reach a certain stage in your life when your tiny black french bulldog named Skrillex runs out in front of your friends during a heated session of Descent with one of your bras in her mouth and you simply don’t care. 

Yes. I’ve become that person. Perhaps it’s a symptom of my ripe 28 years of age or the sub zero temperatures in Edmonton that have literally found a way to get me to chill. 

I must admit being less high strung than normal does have its advantages, for instance I can push back my first Botox injection for a good 6 months and my friends don’t gape at me in horror as that crazy person when we go out in public. 

Yes 2013, you have give me good things. I would smile, but my new disposition simply would frown upon the notion. 

So where did we leave off last time, ahh yes, the start of a writer’s club here in Edmonton. Well, it just so happens that with this new refreshing wave of calm I have all this time to do efficient things like set up my meet up. So if you are in Edmonton on holiday, or feel like moving here just to join this club or actually live here – don’t forget to RSVP yes to our first actual meet up, which I haven’t yet gotten to. It turns out efficiency has its limits – and I don’t foresee energy drinks on my horizon. They scare me. 

So here’s the link:

Alternatively you can drive to all the various coffee shops in the city and I’ll be standing at one with a sign that looks like this: 


I’m sure you are astonished at it’s super clever and creative name – thank you in advance – I had to crack open my pretentious thesaurus for inspiration. 



Anyways – the point is, just come. It’ll be loads of fun. 

Oh and don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when it’s in the mouth of a tiny dog. Poor bra. 


Sweet Dreams World. 

P.s. Does anyone want a small black Frenchie with a craving for the debauch? 


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  1. Canadian winters do tend to chill people out at least a little just dont stay outside too long or you wont be able to do anything lol. Or it could be that you are in a less stressful environment. Or returning to the country you were born in has eased your restless soul haha.

    No matter the reason I am sure that being not quite as high strung is not a bad thing.

    Also we need to set up a date for the meetup group to entice more people to join!

  2. Hmm. I’m mostly okay with the examples on the cover of that book, except for ‘with impunity.’ Mostly because I felt the need to roll the dice for scrolling back up to see how the book spelled it, or trust that my iPad is smarter than I. I’m purty darn sure that’s one of them thar 10-cent words that most folk gots no clue abouts? Hehe. Thanks for the follow, I’m now reading ALL YOUR POSTS. Enjoy it, not many people bother to go backwards after you’ve been doing this a little while, sorta sad…

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