Day Zero – The Start of Something New.

I believe I’ve caught the disease plaguing billions of us, it always comes around this time of year – you know like Swine Flu and Chicken Pox. I believe I caught it at the hip and trendy Zaika – an Indian restaurant in South Edmonton that is absolutely delicious. In fairness, I’m glad I caught this instead of well… salmonella. 

It was somewhere between when I was hungrily munching on butter chicken and browsing through my Twitter feed – the place where all great ideas are impregnated, when I realized George Lucas is engaged – which I suppose is the closest thing to apocalyptic 2012 was ever going to see. Sorry for the hard feelings – I’m still raw from the Disney sale. 

Anyways – right my illness. 

It’s an ailment that demands an introspective and retrospective spring cleaning – otherwise known in the common vernacular as change. 

Thank you new year for rustling the feathers of quite the happy hen. Well not that happy. And I’m not a hen. OK so let’s do this. 

The first step to change is always the internet. 


Because Google is our modern day oracle with all the correct answers-obviously. So I asked Google – where can I find others like me. Others that like to put pen to paper and make funny lines known as words? 

The Oracle took some time to reflect and ask the other online spirits.

“Meetup.” Google spat at me. Google is androgynous by the way. 

I decided to embark my new found quest – so grudgingly I took a long and deep think – by long I mean the time it took for the Meetup page to load. Did I really want to change a perfectly stagnant bordering on stale life? Where my routine was about as colourful as beige? Where I could literally live a day in my life successfully blindfolded?

Time was up, I was already at the site.

Scrolling through, things started to look a little funny and I could feel a random encounter coming on. Would a half orc barbarian spring through my screen and smack me for 154 hit points? Would Gandalf cast disintegrate on me? 


Instead I merely stumbled upon a group titled POGOB. What is a POGOB and what do they do there? And why is it so popular? 

Scared that this group might be a bit too much change – my mouse scurried back to the familiar – the Edmonton Mind Expansion Psychic and Spiritual Explorers. 


Thinking that life on a couch with a big snuggie might not be my worst case scenario, I decided at that moment in time to have an epiphany. 

I shall start my own meet up group for writers – with one rule: No POGOB. (Unless POGOB is really fun then I’ll change my mind). 

So as of today or maybe tomorrow, possibly next week but by next month at the latest I shall launch the coolest ever Meetup in Edmonton. It is my resolution. Fate has decided for me. 


Stay tuned as I continue my journey through the Forest of Woodland Writers and to the Mountains of Monotonous Movie Scripts – I don’t know I lost it. 

Just stay tuned and read about how I bring together writers. The end. 




Sweet Dreams World. 



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5 replies

  1. this is quite interesting. Will love to see your journey take on new dimensions.

  2. Im surprised that there isn’t a meetup type groups for writers in Edmonton all ready. Seems like something that people would want to do.

    I say totally go for it I am positive a few people will join up to at least get the ball rolling. It should grow naturally from there. Before you know it this will be a really popular group.

    I’ll join up.

    Awesome idea! 🙂

  3. This blog made me laugh. I am not sure exactly what you are doing…but you are a clever and engaging writer, and I look forward to seeing what the heck happens!

  4. So here’s what happened. I saw the days were numbered. Not that your days are numbered, nor mine, I hope. But the blog’s posts were numbered by days. So I went back to zero, and here we are. But you’re not there, where you were, because it’s been almost two months and a week, and I figure you must be deep into the Forest of Woodland Writers and in sight of those Mountains by now. I can no doubt imagine you have organized the most successful Meetup group in Edmonton by now, so long as your meetings are not scheduled during Oilers games. Which is a classic case of an American perpetuating Canadian stereotypes, which means I should stop this comment now. But I enjoy your blog journey quite a lot, and want to thank you for all the Likes as of late. 🙂

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