Day 33 – Dedicated to Non-Sociopathic Feeling People.

On Earth, there is a sub breed of people that have the sole purpose of vomiting emotion. Everywhere. 

It’s a wanton tendency that may even border on a disease. 

You can easily point these people out by their many needy, clingy habits. They’re the ones that send you poems and write songs about the daughter you could have made together that fateful night under the stars. 

These darlings are also particularly known for the projectile of texts they send out when you don’t reply in like 5 minutes – it’s more attuned to verbal diarrhoea which starts like a normal faecal movement i.e. “where are you?” and then rapidly pours out to “why aren’t you answering me? say something, anything. Don’t you love me anymore?” etc. etc.   They wear their insecurity like normal people would wear an amazing pair of jeans – every day. They take sad photos of themselves thinking that’s their best side. They’re frantic for your love – claiming selflessness – that they just want you to be happy and knowing that alone is enough. When we all know it’s a big fat lie. It’s selfish really, it’s an addiction actually. 

How do you have such wise insight – you must be asking me right now. 

You astute perception has dawned upon us such insight of grandeur proportions – you add. 

The truth is – this is me. 

Emotion pours out of me like sweat out of every pore after an hour of hot yoga leaving me in a nauseating aura of rainbows, chick flicks and worst of all – chocolate. 

Perfectly attracting polar opposites – the sociopath and ex boyfriends who literally want to have my head. 

If you ever receive a text, a call or an add on Facebook – stay away. Delete, block, report as you see fit. Not for you, but for me. 




Because the world needs more people that are stingy with their feelings right? Blahh (that’s a puke sound). 


Sweet Dreams World. 

I love you i love you i love you i love you i love you…. x infinity.


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  1. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Why won’t you answer me!?

    I’m sure we have all done something like that at some point in our lives, I know I have ( though maybe not quite so bad ).

    Feelings are for the weak! Right? No? well then we should all probably admit that we have feelings and be ok with it. Too much is hidden behind the wall of no emotion. I know it’s scary to put them out there. i have a hard time with it but once you do it usually feels good and if the person, or people, don’t respond we’ll to these feelings then fuck them and move on lol.

    That said its also scary to have a flood of emotions come from one particular person and it can be super overwhelming. So you got to share them but not too much, and by too much I mean every thirty seconds but you should at least share how you feel every day.

    I love the my little pony tag, super awesome.

    End nonsense rant. 🙂

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