Day 30 – Our Resolutions Part 3

She couldn’t stop pacing back and forth, how could she have possibly sent that erotic email to him? What was she thinking?

Tossing and turning in bed she waited for a response – an acknowledgment that he read line after line of sheer naughtiness. Finally at around 4 in the morning her phone lit up. Fingers trembling, she reached for his verdict. Her heart started to race at the mere thought of contact between the two. The chest pounding suddenly reached a halt when these words stared back at her:

“I read your mail and again…it’s inspiring how good you write.” 

Eyebrows furrowed, she whispered “whaaaat?”

Her face rapidly went from pink, to red, to fuchsia, to someone get this girl some air. Rage rushed through her as she through the sheets off her.

“Inspiring!?!?!” She shouted. “When has written porn ever been inspiring?!”

Kicking imaginary objects off her floor and huffing and puffing she realized he needed someone to give her piece of mind, reaching for her phone, she decided to call her best friend.

“You did what?!?” She couldn’t pinpoint the exact tone of his voice, it almost sounded somewhere between winning the lottery and having a heart attack.

“What did he say?” He demanded.

“He said it was …. inspiring…” she laughed. At this point a state of delirium washed over her. She tuned out his socially obligatory comments of why sending erotic emails is a faux pas. As he ranted, she couldn’t help but wonder if she had made a crippling mistake – if now there was no redemption or a re-do if you will.

Several Hours Later  – at a hip hop performance dedicated to the group’s fan-base of barely pubescent girls…

Serenades of Urine

B finished his set and drunkenly stumbled off the platform that the event organizer had the guts to call a stage. Readjusting his hat over his long dreads, he took the sight in – the night time Cairo skyline was illuminated by billboards, the streets crowded with people going where they needed to, the city sounded like one furious honking sound.

She was watching him hungrily, his performance was incredible. She wanted him all to herself. Confidently she led herself to where he was – the bar.

“Great show,” she said flipping her long brown hair with random bright blond highlights. Her bright orange finger nails reached for his arm. Her lips matched the same colour of her nails and coincidentally her shoes. Her Hello Kitty purse was overflowing with bright pink bedazzled accessories.

“This isn’t a good idea,” he thought to himself.

“Tequila?” he offered.

“Of course,” she smile revealing yet another gem about her – that she desperately needed a dentist. Her blinding nails reached for his long hair, stroking each dread fondly. “I’m in college you know,” she attempted seductively as she sputtered on her drink. Drips of tequila started to trail down her chin.

“College huh,” B smiled broadly, “wanna come to my place?”

He didn’t know if it was the Cairo air, or the warm fuzzy feeling from his stellar performance – he just knew that he was destined to spend the night with this exotic creature.

Three shots of tequila later, they hailed a cab – diligently sitting on opposite sides of the back seat and refraining from eye contact. PDA is frowned upon in public places in Egypt. The 15 minute drive was heavy with tension and unexplored opportunities.

Tossing money at the driver B and his lady friend hurried to the elevator. Their hands and lips went wild as they let loose. He knew he was going to have a great night. He stopped to take in her super model good looks staring into her smudged cat eyes he whispered, ” you’re so beautiful.”

The elevator finally made its way to his floor. She clung on to him as he reached for his keys and unlocked the door.

“Do you..” she stopped him with her lips before he could ask if she wanted a drink. Once they were situated in his room she looked at him – with make up smudged and hair a mess and said –

“I want you to pee on me.”

The force of her statement hit him like a sobering semi truck.

“What? No way,” he shot back. Shocked, she rapidly gathered her things only to make her ginormous Hello Kitty purse fall to the ground and expose her for what she was – a tenth grade high school student.

To be continued…

Sweet Dreams World.


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