Day 29 – Our Resolutions Cont’d

As G tossed and turned in his bed, he traded counting sheep for possible stds he could have contracted. He contemplated talking to one of his closes girl friends perhaps she could recommend some strong antibiotics. He thought about what she would think, she was so refined, he knew should freak out as he decided to tell her tomorrow. Slowly his eyes closed and his mind wandered, syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes…

Meanwhile, several IP addresses away…

Erotica via Email

C sat up in her bed, staring inquisitively at her tablet, wondering why every book on the top ten bestseller’s list was an erotic novel.  The underlying theme was always the same – girl meets boy – boy is the one – boy is troubled/sex crazed, they have amazing intercourse and then get married. Sighing she thought about her personal romantic novel which was currently flaccid and eagerly needed to pop several boxes of Viagra. She thought about him like she did every morning. Tossing the iPad, she started to live another day in her life – a day with tight boundaries and the perfect balance of grey and beige.

Mid way through her routine, a thought dawned her – how hard could it be to write one? The language is mostly the same and sex is pretty universal. A broad smile crept her lips as she tossed her grey t-shirt for a red one, her beige shoes for blue ones. She then smothered her lips with bright red lipstick, let her hair down and ran to the closest computer.

She giggled as she googled other names for penis and vagina. Obviously her piece needed to be thorough and well executed, so the research commenced.

Would this story be a bondage one? Would it reflect a rom com? Toys? No toys? Is that even a toy? She delved deeper into the world of crazy passion. Familiarizing herself with terms and verbs she had never heard before. She watched as people contorted, smothered, and beat the sex out of each other.

Gathering all the intel she needed, the words flew furiously to the screen until she was satisfied with her masterpiece. She decided that the story would be infinitely better if it was about her.

She needed more.

What would her best friend think? She wanted to tell him, but she knew he was busy preparing for some hip hop show he had tomorrow in Cairo.

Call it the curse of 2012.

Usually quite reserved, no one would possibly expect something like this from someone like her. Especially in a country like Egypt. Until, of course, that day. But today was different, today she was going to take her metaphorical erection into her own hands.

Mustering the courage, she typed a single email address in the send to section, she then methodically attached the email and closing her eyes as tight as she could –

she emailed him her erotic story.

To be continued…

Sweet Dreams World


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2 replies

  1. I am interested to see what happens. I felt the fascination in X-girl. She was pulled by passion for writing to research, and in doing so seemed “turned on” but intellectually. Very good. Couldn’t stop reading until the last word. I am confused on the last sentence: “She emailed not a boy but the boy her erotic story”. Who is “the boy?” The boy she loves? The boy in the story? That’s the only critique I can give. Everything else was splendid. I cannot wait to hear more!

    • Firstly, thank you so much for your very insightful and thoughtful note. It made me smile. The boy she sends the email to is a different boy than the one the story starts with. She sends this email to the boy she loves. I really appreciate your notes btw. 🙂 You are awesome.

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