Day 24 – The Lies We Live

My whole life is a series of episodic lies I tell myself. It’s nauseating how much truth is an actual rarity in my day to day.

“I’ll only eat one cookie,” then boldly consume four more.

“I’ll do jumping jacks in front of the coffee machine while I wait for it to finish,” when I plop my head on my hands and pout at the machine for going so sloooow.

“I’m going to do 10 Sun Salutations in the morning, at lunch and before I go to bed,” ha, come on Shareen, really?

I literally have a bad case of uncontrollable projectile vomit of lies. It’s a thing.

Friends, family and random sweet ladies at stores that ask me if they can pull off horrible articles of clothing – beware.

“Oh my God your track is amazing, you are so much hotter than their new super model girlfriend, no you don’t need Botox, first times are always bad, Nicki Minaj isn’t weird,” and that was all in an hour. I hadn’t even left my house yet.

White lies aren’t my only crime, I also commit a lot of self righteous deceit – which is the worst kind.

“I only use positive reinforcement when disciplining my son,” when I know he’s an expert at time out, I don’t even have to tell him to go, he just does on his own. But in fairness I am a strong believer in over gratifying when he does something right.

The truly scary thought is that this condition is a full blown epidemic and a transparent one at that and yet no one wants to cure their illness. Side effects include possible guilt, the ability to pull anything out of your ass at any point in time – other wise known as the loss of ingenuity, oh and the subtle truth that you’re not the only one lying – that the closest people to you are doing it too. I suppose I should add that we are so desensitized to what we are being told that we rarely expect the truth. Why?

Because the truth is, we need the lie.

It makes cookies that much tastier, it makes our friends hold on a little longer, it makes old ladies at stores feel younger, it makes our parents feel that they did a good job, and it makes us feel better.

But what happens when our web of lies consume us? What will be left then?

What if all we did was tell the truth? Would it change your reality?

Sweet Dreams World.


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  1. I think we all say white lies to other people to various degrees. Though we totally lie to ourselves more than anyone else. I am guilty of doing similar things like “I’ll only have one piece of pie”, while magically 2 pieces disappear.

    The holiday season does not help with this at all I know I get lazy and eat way more stuff than I should lol.

    Telling another a white lie isn’t always a bad thing and if you are more a people pleaser then you will probably tell more white lies than another person just for the purpose of making the other person feel better. In reality you shouldn’t say too many but we are all guilty of doing it.

    If all we did was tell the truth I would thing that people would get used to more criticisms about them selves and sharing their criticisms about others. Not to be mean of course but just because all we do is tell the truth. That said it would just change how we interact with other people and change when we say to ourselves that we will have one cookie to really say we are going to eat all the cookies lol

  2. Right on the nose Dean, as always ๐Ÿ™‚ I love reading your comments – that being said, when I do I hear Frasier’s voice reading them to me ๐Ÿ˜›

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