Day 19

Close your eyes. Let’s play a game.

Don’t peek.

Relax that place between your eyebrows, stop rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, unclench your jaw. Come on, this will be fun.


Pretend that the world will in fact end in a few short days. That your life will be over not in a matter of years, months or weeks. But in a matter of days. That you won’t have to go to work next week. That you won’t ever have to step foot into a dentists office ever again. That you only need to do grocery shopping for just a few days.

Cancel your new years plans. Don’t even bother getting back to your friends about that trip to London in February. Just forget all those goals that you put in place for the next few years. It doesn’t matter now.

Who cares if you put on weight, you wont need to see that personal trainer you booked for the second week of January. Don’t worry about politics, it was all a short lived dream anyways.

Empty your mind of all the commitments you’ve made for the next forever.

The next few days is all you have – sorry for the short notice.

Stop wondering about what ends the world, just know that it will be painless and that every moment afterwards will be pain free.


Now just think about you, your life, your years of existence. I’m sure there are millions of things you wish you could do, there just isn’t enough time. So prioritize.


Ok close your eyes again, I know I said this was going to be fun despite the fact that it seems like this is a terribly morbid exercise. Just bare with me for a sec.

Ok news update, turn of events it seems. The world can be saved by one force – and not one resembling a nuclear head directed at a giant asteroid.

The fate of the world depends on your mouth finding the lips of the one person in the universe that you yearn for.

Ok fine you’re right, this game is retarded. But there is a point. Imagine how delicious that kiss would be. Imagine the heat and the passion and the way their body would feel pulled close to yours. Think about the way they smell, think about their arms wrapped around you. Feel their breath on your lips. Surrender to it, put both feet in, give in. Forget what your mind says, this is purely carnal, this is purely human. Imagine if everyone – all 7 plus billion people had this. Crazy, huh.

Is that the person you are with today?  Don’t over think it, don’t make excuses, you know the answer.

It doesn’t matter why right now.

How would you feel if the world was really ending, and you would never get to feel their skin again, you’d never be able to see their eyes light up and their lips smile. Screw it, what if the world wasn’t ending at all, and we were all stupid glittery vampires and we had immortality. Would you want to spend forever not feeling this good?

Think about it, you could save the WORLD- alright fine, not the WORLD, but maybe yourself.

Open your eyes.

Do Something.


Sweet Dreams World.





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  1. Ha! Glittery vampires! You are funny. Nice twist too, wasn’t sure where you were going with this. I hope you find the one before the world ends. 🙂

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