Day 11 – To appease my inner gamer.

So today is Dungeons and Dragons day. Or more accurately, Pathfinder day, it’s really the same thing – sorry fanatics that I’ve offended.

I’m psyched because I get to break out my level 13 barbarian – and she’s badass.

I wield a great sword and when I’m in combat I get to go all crazy and rage and kill monsters. In this world I’m invincible, with my 174 hit points and my team of spell casters that enjoy the sole purpose of healing my team. Although, truth be told, due to their squishy nature, they have a tendency to die every Friday night.

I’ve got good luck dice too. One blue and white d20 and one that’s orange and white. My d6 are of various colours – duplicates. My team is the sex. No, really, they are. Our rogue can pretty much walk around like he’s invisible, and he sneak attacks like it’s his job. Our transgender monk is an expert fury of blower, and I can’t remember what the other guy is, but he’s awesome.

So tonight, I’m going to kill horrible, evil monsters, you know, like orcs and DRAGONS.



Ok seriously now,

Sweet dreams world.


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2 replies

  1. How dare you call it dungeons and dragons! Lol

    Sneak attacking is my job and I love it so. Friday nights are the best I love it so much, we kick so much ass is not even funny.

    You rock!

    • Ummm for starters, you are the rockstar of my friday nights. You sneak attack like a ninja on crack. oh no, please not another drug debate lol!! Can’t wait to plan our cookie exchange devastation for next week. WE ARE GOING TO WIN!

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