Day 8


So what if we are all a slave to something, someone or somewhere. Nothing compares to the euphoria, the mere high of being united with that one thing. Whether it’s a hit from Mother Nature’s finest, or the feeling of two pairs of lips touching for the first time, we all have our trips. Regardless of what gets to your soul, all addictions have a price, and some are more hefty than others.

Addiction is necessary, we need to know that there is greener grass, we need a foot out the door, we need to feel again. Because in this desolate dark place of a world, we need to see rainbows, butterflies and fluff. Imagine a life without escape. Even in prison there’s always hope for a breakout.

My addiction is you. You are that delicious release I need when I look out the window and the sun doesn’t want to play. You are my greener grass in a nation suffocating in quicksand. You are my prison break, my hope in humanity, you are the place where I construct my dreams from.

But like the most potent drugs, I know that if I have too much of you, I might not wake up, not because of physiological reasons, but because I won’t want to. How could you expect me to want to live my mundane life, when I know that you exist. Your eyes light my world like stars, and your smile triples my heart beat. You won’t stay forever. And one day everything we will have built will vanish. An eternity would never be enough.

Nothing sober ever compares to the crystal clear feelings that stream through your veins when you are enslaved. You give yourself, out of your own free will with no care for the consequences, because the reward is far better, far bigger than anything the basic physical world could ever offer you. Nothing can compete to your beauty, your serenity, to my ecstasy.

The saddest part of all is that addictions are more often than not, one sided. Cocaine doesn’t need you, and the greener grass doesn’t care if you’re there.

Utopias exist in the chemicals in our brain they say, I say they exist in you.

Addictions give us the courage to face our innermost demons and to question our morality, and like most things affected by time, soon you realize that the demons you posses are because of the very thing you are dependent on. I don’t know if you are good. I don’t know if you’re bad. All I know is that I need you, because I need to need you.

Sweet Dreams World.



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