Day 5

There are some crazy mother fuckers out there. 

This post was supposed to be about the effect a text message from the person you care about the most about can alter your brain chemistry, but I think I need to take a moment to talk about these crazy mother fuckers. 

Boasting about how you got into an accident with two semi trucks is retarded. You’re retarded. In what world of basic physics do you live in where you think that swerving into two significantly larger vehicles will reign you the victor. 

Oh you are so cool, I bet it’s only when you’re driving at 160 km/hour that you get these light bulb moments where you think it’s a good idea to rip your hands off the steering wheel. Why don’t you close your eyes while your at it.

Nothing bad could possible happen. 

Oh, you think you’re a better driver while your drunk? Aww that’s so cute. Then why did you just hit that person? Oh? You can’t tell if they were male or female? Maybe that’s cuz you were driving like a crazy mother fucker. .

You’re an idiot. 

Just appreciate your life. Fine, I get it, you hate yourself. Appreciate the people around you and their lives and stop. Just stop acting like a crazy person. It’s not worth it. Be better. 


Sweet Dreams World.

p.s. It’s true. A text from someone you care about does change everything. It makes everything ok. So yeah 🙂 just do it. 


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  1. lol i have those days where I want to burn Los Angeles… stupid drivers are my biggest but ever so common fear

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