Day 4

All my friends know exactly how and when to talk to me. They know to avoid my over excited hyper state in the morning, to ask for advice after my yoga and that I issue out my platinum two cents over a meal. Unfortunately for me, yesterday my conversation of enlightenment took place over the phone while munching on some asparagus.

It had been ages since my last conversation with my best friend. Ever since I moved from Egypt several months ago it was difficult to sync our schedules, you know with the 9 hour time zone difference and all. But thankfully, yesterday, we had found the time. We exchanged updates, giggled as we reminisced, and tried to eagerly plan our next meet up. And then we brought up the elephant in the room…. Egypt.

It has come to my attention that many here are not up to date on foreign affairs- for a plethora of legitimate reasons. After all it is understandable, why would anyone here in Alberta care about anything going on half a world away? Especially when these events don’t specifically effect the majority on a personal level. I get that, and to a great deal, I’m guilty of it as well. If anyone asked me about the day to day events in Kazakhstan, I would probably blush sheepishly and reach for my phone to google something as fast as I could.

But something happened in Egypt, something that I believe can resonate with humans anywhere. Roughly a week ago, a school bus carrying over 50 children between the ages 4 to 7 was hit by a train. Many of them perished in what can only be described of one of the largest tragic losses in modern Egyptian history. Many parents lost several children to this horrific accident.

It was then that my best friend brought up what could possible be the most nauseating thing I had ever heard.

He said, “The Egyptian government compensated these families Shareen, they compensated them 5,000 Egyptian Pounds. I couldn’t even buy a fucking iPhone with that much money.”

I was rendered speechless. Not only did these families lose what could be described at best as the most precious gifts life could offer them, but in addition to their loss they were handed a whopping 5,000 Egyptian Pounds. Folks that less that 1,000 dollars American or Canadian. Not even 500 British pounds. Now I’m not one that enjoys writing about politics, but when did people lose their humanity? Shame on you, you people who promised a better Egypt, who preached about the value of life, and who offered the masses a brighter light. Shame on you for spending millions personal expenses and thinking that your own children are more precious, are worth more than anyone else’s. Your apathy is pathetic.

If anyone knows a way that we can help these families, please get in touch.


Sweet Dreams World.


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  1. That is actually a terrible kick in the teeth and spit in the face – ‘your kid died? Here’s a thousand bucks.’ Answer: ‘fuck you. How bout you make it so that it never happens again… or better yet, why didn’t you do it before my kid died.’

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