Day 3

I hate the Gangnam Style song. Yes, this makes me a hater. And of the filthiest kind, because I can not deny that when that quirky Korean beat comes on the radio I bust out the moves. Sadly this song always comes on when I’m in the kitchen in the middle of baking cookies. I look like a mess with flour all over my leggings and a dough covered wooden spoon in hand.  Is it bad that I know all the dance moves by heart? I’m going to have to say yes, yes it is.

I don’t even know what he’s saying. Does anyone know what this song is actually about?

And then it hit me, similarly to the way my English bull dog ploughs into me while I dance. It’s his way to prevent me from public humiliation. There is a breed of human beings that tend to hate things we don’t understand. I say we because I think I have this problem. The accepted vernacular for this breed I believe is the Control Freak.

You’ve met us. Fact. We’re the people who make up answers to questions that we don’t know, we’re glued to technology or anything that can give us  more information, and most importantly of all, we insist on doing things our way. Because let’s face it, we know what we’re doing and everyone else is stupid. Not a clear enough picture for you? Try this. We have an expert opinion AND solution to all the worlds problems, we pretend to entertain your ideas while secretly thinking “what a noob,” and last but not least – we pick the movie. Every time.

Other symptoms include a resounding dislike for Justin Bieber, pink slime and pretty much anyone that doesn’t fall under our spell and do absolutely everything we tell them to do the first time.

I think I’m stupid.

I think Darwinism was tossed out the window generations ago and we have left humanity to procreate idiots like me. People who think that we know all the answers and secretly loathe anything we can’t explain. But can this change? Can a you undo an obsessive personality? Preferably without drugs?

Can I listen to a Psy song without abhorring myself?

What if we understood the lyrics? What then. Would humanity be different?

Let’s find out.

So this is my challenge to everyone like me – for the next week ( I don’t think I could last any longer) I am going to embrace the world’s endless flow of love and let go. What will be will be. I’m already rolling my eyes. But no, I am going to do this because we should project what we want to see in the world.


Wish me luck. Good night, sleep tight, and of course, don’t let those bed bugs bite.



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  1. I agree with you in that there are people who hate things they don’t understand, at this point I would argue that this describes most people. We all have our opinions on things and think we are right. Does that make us idiots, I don’t think so but it can make things hard for people with new ideas that we can’t easily grasp so we put the hate on it. Which sadly usually causes the idea to go no where and in a few years from now we realize this person was right all along.

    I’ve been saying we because I would lump myself in that group as well. I always have an opinion on subjects and think I know the right way to do things and other people who don’t understand are stupid. In fact I would say this is more prevalent in the IT world, especially when it comes to help desk. I adapt fairly quickly to new technologies and I tend to think that it should be easy for others because it was easy for me
    . When in reality it’s not always easy for everyone to adapt and change. When I run into a situation where a user doesn’t understand something that I find quite easy I seem to always have the same thought running in my head “this person is incompetent”. Why because I know what is easy for me so it should be easy for everyone.

    Now I realized this and have been trying to not think lowly of someone who is having issues with something I find easy but rather put that energy into helping them understand. This works great in the help desk type world because people seem to come away with more knowledge and happier for it. That said there is still the initial reaction of me thinking this person is a fool. Outside of IT I don’t seem to have the thoughts of a person being stupid because they don’t know but rather I try to help them understand and gain knowledge because at some point we were all new to this. This has gotten me in trouble though when people think that I am inferring that they are stupid by helping them understand something when in reality I am not thinking anything if the sort.

    The “easy” part is the training yourself to not be as synical to others for what they don’t understand. The much harder task would be to change the way you think about the stuff you don’t understand. Can it be done I think.

    Tldr; I’m a know it all and think that people can change to not be as jerky about what they know and what they do not know.

    Ps. I don’t think you are an idiot

    PPS. this is what the song is about

  2. How did your self-challenge go?

    • Badly, turns out, some people can’t change.

      • Ha ha.. 😛 You can only change if/when you are ready and only then if you actually want to. It is comparable to a person trying to lose weight. They may complain about being overweight, or wanting to go to the gym, or needing to eat healthier, maybe even their health conditions. But until they actually have a desire to get rid of that weight and change their lives (in this case a physical change), they will stagnate. You can always change if you feel the need. 🙂

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