Day 2

We, as humans, are masters of imitation. It’s truly a beautiful thing to observe. Watch the way children imitate the behaviour of their elders. Or better yet, gaze at how people adapt and adjust to find a socially acceptable norm. There are two types of people, those who lead and those who follow, and life is equally delicious for them both, for the leaders crave to be followed and the followers need to be led. Harmony.

What bullshit.

I like to think that some of the hate in the world derives from the basic truth that there are people who despise themselves for never becoming a leader. Ambition and jealousy taint the natural system and leave people disappointed, angry and of course vindictive. It’s why kingdoms fall and peace only exists in the first 7 paragraphs of every fairy tale. Because there’s always a “villain.” But what if the villain wasn’t the bad guy? What if all he or she wanted was to lead? War is not always bad and peace is not always good. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply despise the harsh reality that human lives need to be sacrificed for the sake of the future, but maybe it’s time I saw things differently. Maybe true harmony isn’t the presence of peace, but eliminating the necessity of it. Perhaps true balance is the absence of it all together.

Anyways, none of this is the point of the post. Apathy is easy, sympathy is a harder work out. Spread love. Maybe if we all try a little, we can change the world for the good. Maybe everyone will start to focus on the good. Maybe one day, we will live in a world that we are proud of and not one we are ashamed of. So, think about it. Find love. Because if you find love, then you will have made someone happy, you will give them a sense of purpose, value and truth…and feelings like make life worth living. Isn’t that what you want? Why are you your own enemy? I don’t know.

It’s never too late.



Good Night Everyone. I love you.


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5 replies

  1. Are you your own enemy? In war, everyone loses…

  2. After teaching for over 30 years, you definitely have the leaders and the followers part right, although I am not so sure that the followers like being followers. To add another level, if I may, :), the followers would sell their grandmas out to be part of the Alpha group. Am working my way through your posts!!

  3. I am as well working my way through your posts. I know what it’s like to have found that sense of purpose and to feel like I am ready to give all I can at any moment for someone just from love. I also know what it is to be my own enemy, it is imparitive for all of us to overcome ourselves; to recognize and embrace our weaknesses so that we can better love someone else and start this process over and over.

  4. I think of myself as a leader. Too bad nobody else does! But a leader with no followers does not by default become a follower. We can all be leaders as long as we don’t mind being a bit lonely in the process.

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