Day 1

Love. It is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful forces on Earth. Think about it. Actually don’t. Fuck this. I’m not going to act like I know everything there is to know about love. All I can really tell you about is my journey.

Do you ever wonder if soul mates exist? I do. All the time. I think too much, and not in the good constructive way that finds cures to disease or solves hard scientific questions. Oh no, I’m not a good force for humanity, I’m almost as self destructive as they get, and I wear self deprecation like I wear True Religion jeans – everyday. But yeah, back to soul mates. I believe they exist. They must. Because if they don’t, then I’m crazy.

As we grow up we see various types of couples. The “married” couple, you know who I’m talking about, husband and wife married for years, have pretty much nothing in common, barely communicate and only laugh at dinner parties in front of witnesses- I mean friends. They stay together because now they’re older and they have kids and you know, the excuses go on and on. This is the couple that has regrets. They visit the land of What if’s and if only’s frequently.  Then you have the passionate couple. Otherwise known as public entertainment. They’re the “love birds” that go all out in public, and fortunately for us, we get to see the good and the bad. Sadly it’s mostly bad. Amusingly, these guys LOVE to fight in public. And they not only air out their dirty laundry, but they get everyones’ shit dirty if you know what I mean. 

And then there’s everybody else. Well, I’m sure there are more subcategories, it’s just that I don’t care. 

Actually wait. Let’s go back to the couple with regrets. Let’s take a trip to the land of what ifs and if only. What do you think would have happened. Let’s pretend that they each ended up with that one person that got away. (Funny how it’s always one person.) Would the world be different? Would it be better? 

I believe it would. I believe true harmony is found in the heart of not yourself but your true match, and that all this hate exists because of disappointment. Because people settle. Because we stopped fighting for love. God that sounds so corny. But it’s true. So I’ve decided. Help me put my sanity to the test, help me find out the truth, help me find out if soul mates exist. And who knows, you just might find your own. Or at least have something semi amusing to read while waiting for your shows to download. 

Because this is going to work. We will reach our harmony and put our souls to peace. 

Sweet Dreams World. 


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  1. I like to believe that soulmates do exist as well. That there is one person out there that is the perfect fit for you is something I think everyone likes to believe in. If it something that is ment to be then it will happen or reveal itself at some point in your life. It may even be that you realize one day the person you are all ready with is the one and you didn’t quite see it fully before.

    On the other side it would seem almost impossible to actually meet your soulmate and both be single at the time and be able to get together. So many people then settle for what they think at the time is the next best thing. Now there is also nothing wrong with that as they may not be the one but if you get along and life is good for the most part with that person then there isn’t much to complain about. Meeting this type of person would seem to be easier to meet as there are a lot more people whom we get along with just fine.

    Me personally I would love to meet my soulmate. I think it would be an amazing experience to do so. When will this happen, I have no idea but right now I am going through life hoping and waiting to meet that special someone. Until then I am quite content with how my life has shaped up so far and maybe have some good, and bad, experiences with other people along the way.

  2. I think it’s easier for some people to meet their soul mates than others. By meet I mean really recognize them and have the confidence to pursue them. Most people don’t have the courage or the good fortune to know themselves well enough to recognize their soul mate. Sorry, I just drank scotch and so now I’m talking like a grecian philosopher. I just wonder why is it that so few people actually find “that one”. There’s got to be a hitch.

    I really do think having a soulmate a devastating experience, you’ve got to have a soul in the first place, then you’ve got to have contact with that soul, and then you’ve got to allow another person access to your precious place. Most people really don’t want to live that dangerously. Most people don’t want to be known so well.

    But I hope you find what you are looking for. It beautiful you want to find your mate and I wish you well in your pursuit. It’s good when someone beats the odds. The world needs more peace and it needs more love.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They were very inspiring. But what if your soul mate doesn’t want to be your soul mate anymore? Oh and Happy Holidays 🙂

      • Shareen, you should know I am compulsive about questions…I’ve actually thought about your soul mate concern the past few days. I’m still thinking about it. My sense is we probably have more than one soul mate. Life is always changing, people respond to that reality differently. Some people can’t handle allowing the other person to change, they don’t know how to be committed to each other in the midst of change…some changes transform us to the point where we lose the spot of connection with the other. But I think that’s why you have to be very very deep to remain soul mates with another person, like bottom of the sea kind of deep. I guess my belief is that the deepest parts of us remain more constant, but they are also the most dangerous parts in that they are the least known and understood, they are precious and cannot be exposed so much because of this…so it is the protected parts, not necessarily pristine, but it is these parts that a soul mate should know, it is these parts that will most likely remain after all the surface changes are made.

        I guess this ties back to my original response. Of course, this is all just my armchair opinion…ha ha ha

      • I love your armchair opinion. I guess my main question is – is this connection even possible?

    • Er…wow (to your response).

    • @patricemj – I am pretty impressed with some of your responses here. I’d love to be able to read your blog and read more of what you think on things, but it is set to private. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks so much.

  3. I believe it is possible. But not having found my soul-mate (yet?) it must remain a belief.

  4. I also believe in having soul mates and I found that in my husband. I think that it is important to define what a soul mate is. Having a soul relationship, if you will, should be consisted of mutual respect and love. Not just romantic love because that may fade with time. But genuine love. Loving a person not because he deserves to be loved but loving from the heart. A soul mate like a true friend accepts and loves you just the way you are. Your soul mate should not try to change you. Thats superficial hollywood love. In our society today we tend to think of soul mates in terms of what that person can do for us and we break up with them when they dont meet our needs. We see this with celebrites all the time. My hope is that you will find genuine love.

  5. Hey! I decided to read a back post a day, because you are funny and I like to read funny. Settle? Soul-mates? Hmmmm. Last night my husband of thirty-two years, John, went to bed first, (we are in the Arizona Desert and it gets cold at night) and he read on my side of the bed, so my sheets were warm when I tucked in.

  6. Reblogged this on Sharing Our Connection and commented:
    I needed to read this tonight. Or did I? Who knows… It is impeccably written and I agree wholeheartedly. Sigh…

  7. I love PatricMj’s response, it kind of winded mine out of me. But I do think we have more than one soul mate and that being in the right circumstance and mindset to recognize the players are a part of the equation too. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your insights. “The married couple.” :-)))

  8. The answer to your question, like most questions in life, has many layers to it. First, we must understand what exactly is this thing we call Soul….the simple short answer is that a Soul is a spark of the Divine, of God, of the Source of all Being…..a Being which is One Being in its ultimate Truth. So, while there may be many Souls in this life manifesting many different diverse forms of this Divine God Source Being, ultimately we are all One Soul behind our appearances, and so, we are all each others’ Soul-Mates. But being that this might not help with a more ‘practical answer’ to your question, let’s go further….We have been living and growing as Souls evolving together for many many lifetimes, and it is quite often that Souls of similar life-paths meet each other over and over again throughout their different lifetimes, and so they develop a certain ‘resonance’ with each other, a shared-path that grows together and builds a subtle Soul Connection that lives beyond any one particular lifetime. We can also have many Soul-Mates, depending upon the type of connection there is – some are connected for very specific purposes or works to be done in life, not necessarily for the common “romantic” paths that are associated with Soul Mates; sometimes there are Soul-mates who meet for but a moment and there is a connection, but it is only meant for that moment and not for one’s entire lifetime, because the Soul is meant to grow, must grow, in so many other ways than we are conscious of, and so people/Souls are bringing to us exactly what we need at each stage of our lives for us to grow further (even if at times it may be painful, and difficult experiences). There can be Soul-mate experiences like this, where one just feels a flash of inner opening in some way – it could be in the mind, or in the body, or in the emotional heart (which is not the same as the Soul), and yes, it can come from the deepest spiritual realm of the inner Soul itself (for the Soul works through all the parts of our being and can have different kinds of connections and Soul-mates according to the part of our being that we need to grow in, and the other Soul we are connecting with). But ultimately (after a long ass diatribe here) you are simply asking if there is one special Soul who will connect in that deeper Soul-Heart-Love space where the Connection seems to be almost ‘other-wordly’ and which seems to breathe with a Magic that belongs only to the two of you, for at least this lifetime. Well, I can say that there is certainly this Soul-mate, certainly the possibility of it manifesting in one’s life, but it doesn’t happen all the time, and it usually happens only when one is truly ready, when the time is right, when all the puzzle pieces work together for perfection……and how to have this happen? Well, you must be calling out for it deep within your Soul, calling out for that One who you are meant to be with, because that Call, this Cry, is like the magnetic Aspiration that is building the bridge to what you envision, to what you desire and what your Soul needs. Especially if this Aspiration is of a spiritual force quality, from the depths of one’s Soul, and not just the Ego’s desire, then the fire of that Aspiration will grow and attract over time the Soul that is meant for you. How long will it take? Months? Years? Lifetimes? This depends both upon you and also upon the Divine Grace that sees more clearly what you need and when you need it perfectly for the path that is unfolding for you and for the Great All that is unfolding with and for all of us. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but are being given something more if we have the Eyes to see it behind our expectations and desires. Just keep aspiring and your Soul-Mate eventually will come at the right time for you.

    There is another thing to mention, which is that there are some Souls who are actually the Same Soul, two beings of the same Soul manifesting as two beings at the same time. This can be two men, two women, child and adult, or any combination of human beings… can general Soul-mates as well. These One Soul beings are known as Twin Flames, and are very rare to come together in the same lifetime, but it is happening now more and more as the evolution of humanity progresses. Their relationships can often be intense and difficult even, but there is a great purpose in their coming together, a great Work for the Earth, for the harmonizing of the Forces that they represent. One knows that one has met a Twin Flame when the spiritual evolution of the Soul has reached a point where it can Sense their presence almost immediately, for something most powerful opens upon within them, a Bliss, even if only short-lived, that tells you everything and cannot doubt its Truth.

    So, Miss Shareena, I don’t know if this has given you any help at all, but I can tell you that if you wish in your truest, purest Heart and Soul to find the Soul-mate that you need in this lifetime to help you grow and be all that you are destined to Be, then they are already on their way, and will arrive at the right Moment in your Life. It takes a lot of patience and surrender, and perhaps in the meantime, just simply choosing to Love all those who are already in your life……for they could be one of your Soul-mates even if you don’t recognize them yet. Take care and have a lovely day Beautiful!

  9. Soul mates most certainly do exist, although it’s strange to believe in them until you’ve met yours. I am lucky and married mine. It is unlike any love I’ve ever had and I hope that I will never have to be parted from him because I instinctively know that even if I were to love again, it would not be the same. We have the same oneness of being, a telepathy that is deeper than just finishing each others’ sentences: we answer questions that were never asked aloud. We are not exactly alike–he is an artist while I am a poet–but we “get” each other and it’s such a relief not having to constantly explain yourself down to the minutest detail to the person you are supposed to be most intimate with. We would probably fit into the category of “love birds” minus the fighting in public. I forget where I heard the original quote but one I dearly loved went something to the effect of “love is a secret society in which there are only two members.” I think that sums it up for us.

    I hope everyone gets to meet their soul mate, as I want everyone to feel as happy and fulfilled as I do! Cliche as it sounds, I gave up when I met mine. Matter of fact, when I met my soul mate, I was getting a divorce from my first husband–one I settled for, when I thought, “Well, Rebecca, you’re in your thirties; if you don’t pick one and get married, you are going to die single.” I was at that point in my life when finding Mr. Right was furthest from my mind, and all I wanted to do was date for fun–casual, meaningless fun–and as Fate and the Universe would have it, with perverse sense of humor, they introduced me to the man I would love for the rest of my life.

  10. I am so looking forward to reading more of your blog. I see that great minds think alike, a day in the life :). Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me the chance to find yours!

  11. Oh and btw…I’ve always believed in soul mates myself. As I’ve gotten older I have somewhat broadened my thinking when it comes to the matter. In the romantic sense, I have not yet found my soul mate or visa versa however, I have connected on some pretty intense levels with people throughout my life and began to think that soul mates don’t always necessarily mean the person you will spend the rest of your life with in the context of love relationships. I think that a soul mate could be a person that you connect with and vibe with on such a level that you both have a very personal understanding of how the other operates yet still are able to communicate through differences and remain connected. Hope this makes sense. Either way I could easily say that my best friend whom I have known since the 5th grade (looooong time) is my soul mate. We just get each other and during the time that we have known each other we have only ever had 3 disagreements that lead to us being somewhat disconnected but even through those we both always knew that we would always and will always be in each others lives. Just a thought!

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